Technical assistance in support of the governance sector in Sierra Leone in the area of civil registration.


Overall objective :

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is for the population of Sierra Leone to possess an official and legal identity, and the dependable recording, storing and retrieval of vital events. The project also contributes to the overall objective of the 11th EDF governance programme of improved democracy, governance and public administration.

Purpose :

The purpose of this contract is to provide the beneficiary country, Sierra Leone, and in particular the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), but also including engagement with other relevant institutions (such as, the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General and Statistics Sierra Leone) with technical assistance to strengthen its management, operational systems and institutional capacities to provide services of national identity management and the civil registration of vital statistics. In compliance with the specific objectives of the Action Document for Support to the Governance Sector in Sierra Leone (Annex 1 of the Commission Decision on the Annual Action Programme 2017 in favour of the Republic of Sierra Leone), the technical assistance aims to:

  • Support the policy and technical development of the integrated national civil registration system;
  • Strengthen the institutional capacities of the NCRA to meet its mandated objectives; and

Strengthen interoperability and use of the central database for priority stakeholders and clients.




Results to be achieved by the Contractor

Through technical and administrative support, the contractor is expected to deliver the following results:

Result 1: Transfer of technical knowledge and competencies to counterparts in the NCRA for the development and implementation of national civil registration policies, regulations and legal reform advocacy.

Result 2: Maintenance and expansion of the functionality of the technology solution strengthened and facilitated, including through the development of procedures, trainings and manuals, and staff capacities. 

Result 3: Improved organizational systems and staff capacity to strengthen the performance of the NCRA’s operational and administrative activities.

Result 4: Improved mechanisms of NCRA stakeholder consultation, coordination and cooperation.

Result 5: Timely preparation and execution of a Programme Estimate for the NCRA supported.