L’Afrique est la région économique qui a la plus forte croissance du monde. C’est le bon endroit pour investir.

– Aliko Dangote

Si vous vous engagez dans l’agriculture, vous avez la meilleure chance de sortir le plus grand nombre de l’extrême pauvreté d’un seul coup.

– Sipho Moyo

Who are we?

DCEG S.A.R.L. is a research and consulting firm created in July 1999 with the general objective of implementing strategies and tools enabling poor populations to seize opportunities for socio-economic development and thus improve their living conditions.



We do it through:

Improving the capacity of national, regional and local governments to manage and implement development programmes and supporting decentralisation initiatives.
The strengthening of infrastructures in order to allow access to basic social services by poor populations or those living in remote areas.
The implementation of incubators responsible for supporting young entrepreneurs to ensure the viability of their project and integrate them into the value chains of large companies 
The implementation of strategies to promote sustainable access to appropriate financial services,
The development and implementation of democratic judicial systems that guarantee the existence of a state of law in Africa