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Microfinance and Inclusive Finance

The fight against poverty includes promoting the financial inclusion of people who have no or limited access to financial services in order to help them better seize economic opportunities and participate fully in economic life. For more than 20 years, DCEG has been involved in the development of the microfinance sector in Africa, by supporting governments and development partners in the definition and implementation of sectoral policies.

Our intervention in this field focuses on:

  • The development of national strategies for financial inclusion
  • The development and implementation of action plans arising from these strategies
  • Support for the development and implementation of appropriate products through the use of appropriate partnerships and technology (distance banking, money transfers via telephony, micro-insurance, credit products specific to SMEs, etc.).
  • Technical support to financial service providers such as banks and decentralised financing institutions (capacity building, implementation of management information systems, development advice)
  • Development and implementation of financial education programmes.

Job creation, entrepreneurship and SME development

The creation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises is a significant barometer of economic dynamism, but remains one of the major challenges in Africa. Several studies have concluded that the level of business creation and the survival of those that are created is low, despite the efforts that have been made. The strategies and methods implemented have thus shown their limits and it has therefore become imperative to think about new models.
The Firm intervenes in this context to develop and implement strategies for the development of entrepreneurship and corporate culture that promote the emergence of a critical mass of small and medium-sized enterprises in the main sectors of the economy.

Institutional Development

Good governance, decentralisation and justice reform

The objective pursued by the Cabinet is to contribute to the promotion of good governance in Africa, accompany African governments in their decentralisation processes and implement democratic judicial systems that guarantee the existence of the rule of law.

Our involvement in these areas includes :

  • Improving the management and organisational capacities of the central administration
  • The fight against impunity through support for victims of serious human rights violations
  • Support to human rights organisations and African civil society
  • Support for communes and rural communities in the context of strengthening their management capacities.
  • Municipal finance and budget management and organization
  • Development and implementation of strategies to improve revenue sources
  • Improving access to quality public service of justice
  • Training and capacity building for magistrates, registrars and other court officials
  • Support for the construction or rehabilitation of infrastructure through studies and supervision of work on public buildings such as courts, remand prisons and correctional facilities, schools and judicial training institutes, prefectures, town, regional or district halls.


Rural hydraulics, hydro-agricultural developments, sanitation and energy

Through the design and implementation of engineering projects, DCEG accompanies the authorities in their efforts to promote the rural world through, on the one hand, the development of agriculture in order to achieve the objectives of food self-sufficiency set in national policies and, on the other hand, the development of energy in order to achieve the SDOs and in particular to guarantee access for all to reliable, sustainable and modern energy services.

Our involvement in these areas includes :

  • Studies and control of dams and water reservoirs works and development of irrigated perimeters
  • Studies and supervision of hydro-agricultural infrastructure works
  • Development and implementation of water resource mobilisation and drinking water supply projects
  • Development of water and soil conservation systems
  • Support for integrated rural development
  • Studies and control of the construction of rural tracks
  • Studies and supervision of electrification works

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